People define ‘family’ in many ways. Who do you define as being in your family?

My immediate family consists of my wife, Crystal, and our three children.
My extended family includes my little sister, my parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins.
I also consider Crystal’s brothers, oldest nephews, parents, and grandparents to be extended family.

How would you characterize your relationships with your family members when you were a child?

Typical. We got along, loved each other, and generally tried to figure things out together. My teenage years put a lot of stress between my father and I, mostly limiting how we spoke to one another. It seemed like I couldn’t start a conversation without getting into an argument with him.

How would you characterize your relationships with your family members now?

My wife still loves me, and our children seem happy and well adjusted. My father and sister are the two that have taken the most issue with it. I would say that while I still love my parents and sister, our communication is severely strained right now.

Do you have any concerns relating to your family?

I do. My oldest daughter it about to go into her crazy teenage years, and I can already catch myself frequently taking issue with everything she says that isn’t exactly in line with the right things I’ve taught her. My main concern is that if I don’t work out our communication issues, our relationship will be strained and forced when she leaves home.

But you’re a father… ?

I would never trade anything for my children. There’s just the longing to have held them forty weeks earlier.