What are your social supports?

My wife, work, school, children, church, and a few close friends.

When you are under stress, who do you turn to for help?

Crystal usually helps me through the majority of stressful situations, just like I try to be there for her.

Are you currently working, in school, or volunteering?

I’m currently working as an active duty Marine, and a university student. I used to volunteer a lot more, but I haven’t since December 2018.

Do you have any concerns relating to work, school, or community involvement?

The United States Marine Corps is probably the safest place on earth for me. My university has been helping me keep up with my studies despite a lot of crazy things going on, and even my neighborhood is pretty awesome to live in.

Do you feel connected to any particular communities?

I do participate a lot in community events for 2A advocates.

What are your hobbies or social interests?

I love shooting, playing the piano, writing, cooking, and spending time playing with my little ones.