Coming Out

Coming out to himself seemed hard enough. Now he planned to try and explain his feelings to his bride of three years.

“Shall we take this into the room?” Cree said, unsure of his somehow steady voice.

She giggle, and grabbed the collar of his shirt. Together they crossed the five feet from the front of their front room to their tiny bedroom. As he watched, she slid her sleek, pink tanga down and kicked it at his face.

Cooly catching them midair, he slid the panty up and over his thick erection. Cree sat at the edge of the bed to finish watching her undressing, but she stood, staring at her uber masculine husband wearing nothing but her silk tanga.

Trying to give her a moment to come to her senses, Cree waited a minute, then two, then what felt like hours later he finally opened his mouth.

“Say something?”

Instead, she stepped up, slowly bending down and kissing him. He felt a wave of confusion, and tried to undress her. She shoved him hard onto the hide-a-bed, and slid her own clothes over her head.

“We’ve gotta take you shopping for your own tomorrow,” she said, laying next to him in a sweaty mess. “I can’t have you stretching all of mine out…”

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