Dancing Through Life

Contemplating the long list of goals and plans he made last year, Cree thought about his goals. Everyone always made some sort of resolution about getting in shape, losing weight, or exercising.

“Why?” Cree said aloud. As he listened to the show toons on Spotify, he had a Wicked idea. Why not try dancing through life? Wouldn’t that be more fun than trying to focus on a scale?

Some posts discussed different styles like Ballet, Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Hip, Hop, Pole, and Tribal. Cree grinned as he decided what he wanted to try.


The word workout began with the word work. Diet spells d-i-e with a tee. Neither of those options make exercising, and healthy living sound fun. So Cree took a moment to show Crystal what he was thinking, and she answered with little more than a knowing smile.

So Cree began scheming to get in shape his way…

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