Romantic Massage

A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other

Thinking it through for a minute, Cree picked up his copy of 1001 Ways To Be Romantic, and began thumbing through the well worn pages. Crystal hadn’t been feeling well of late, but one of his goals was to make a more conscious effort to court her. They’d recently celebrated their seventh year anniversary, and thanks to several factors, it’d been substantially less of a party than other years. Now, Cree wanted to make up for it.

#10 Run your hands under hot water before joining your partner in bed.
#25 Play Trivial Pursuit. (create custom cards that ask trivia questions about your relationship)

“Perfect,” Cree said under his breath, with a big smile.

Intimate Massage

First, Cree went to Pinterest, and pulled every pin he’d ever saved for giving a massage. Then, he watched dozens of YouTube videos on the subject. Once he felt confident about it, Cree printed out a quick reference diagram, and began reviewing it in his head.

@Crystal May I try and give you a hot hands massage to try and help you sleep tonight?

@Cree Sure I guess

“Who said romance was dead?” Cree thought to himself, realizing that they were to the point of scheduling time for one another.

As they locked the door, and shut out the lights, Cree sent Crystal upstairs. When he finally joined her, Cree instructed her to lay on her stomach and relax.

Beginning from her ankles, Cree followed the guide all the way up to her neck and shoulders. Then, Cree instructed her to roll over, and reversed the process, focusing on her shoulders, quads, and lastly her feet.

“Do I have to move?”

“No, but it’d make sleeping easier,” Cree told her with a smile.

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