Breathing Again

Breathing felt so good. Nineteen days after his surgery, Cree began laughing out loud. For the first time in almost two and a half years he could feel his lungs working hard.

“Are you okay?” Crystal asked between breaths.

“Yeah,” Cree said, “I can breath again!”

“Okay,” Crystal said. Then, she went right back to her HIIT routine.

As he continued his power walk, Cree thought back to October 2017. He’d just begun therapy for his issues. Consequently, running felt like slodging through a lukewarm tar pit.

Breathing Through a Straw

Part of the treatment Cree began receiving included a strong anti-androgen known as Spironolactone. The diuretic immediately dried up his lungs. Within the first couple of weeks, Cree began feeling like he was trying to breath through a straw whenever he did cardio.

Why Though?

Spironolactone fulfilled a dual purpose in treating Cree’s issues. First, it’s anti-androgen effects suppressed the distress caused by Gender Dysphoria. Additionally, it helped lower Cree’s extremely high blood pressure to a sustainable level. Admittedly accidentally, it also lowered physical stressors that caused several other health benefits.

The first, and most noticeable to Cree was that for the first time in his life he could see more colors each day as his blood pressure went down. In addition to no longer being artificially color blind, he also began to have less difficulty paying attention for extended lengths of time. The lack of anxiety completely remove the symptoms that he formerly thought were Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Breathing While Walking

Since the beginning, Cree used meditative breathing techniques. Power walking now allowed him to enjoy the euphoric benefit of it. As he grinned, the clock warned Cree that the workout was about to end. He let the treadmill slow his walking to a standstill and grinned.

That concluded day 3 of his recovery routine. Hopefully by the end of the next 57 days, he’d be ready to kick the annual fitness test outta the stadium.

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