Frequently Asked Questions

What pronouns do you prefer?


Why do your stories refer to you as male?

Because it’s important to me to acknowledge the truth, despite my personal feelings. Physics teacher, Debby Hayton explained this so succinctly in an interview she did with Triggernometry on 31 Mar 2021.

What do your children call you?

My children call me Daddy. As I stated above, you cannot understate the importance of acknowledging the truth. I was, am, and always will be their father.

Have you had “the” surgery?

“The” surgery is not a thing. In my case specifically, I’ve been given the medical options of six possible surgeries to help treat the symptoms of Gender Dysphoria. The question people keep trying to ask is whether or not I’ve had Vaginoplasty, and the answer to that is no.

Does weather affect you differently?

Yes. One of the first things that happened to me when I began Cross Sex Hormone Therapy, was that my skin sluffed off the thicker outer layer. It quickly developed into a thinner layer, and my subcutaneous fat thickened quite a bit. Cold now feels colder, and hot feels really amazing.

How does your family feel about you?

First, there’s my wife and children who love and accept me each in their own unique way. Then, my parents and sister all reacted differently, and not overwhelmingly positive. Next, my extended family sort of split, with some supporting and helping me, while others tried to ignore my existence. Finally, my in-laws were overwhelmingly positive, though not necessarily supportive; they were rightly more concerned with the effects my Dysphoria had on Crystal.

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