Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale

Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale
Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale

I found this Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale on a Reddit thread I follow. It impressed me so much, as it explains in graphic detail what feels so hard to say sometimes. Full credit to u/kali291 (2021), as they created this amazing work of genius. Sharing this, I hope to help those of my followers among my friends and family understand a little better what Gender Dysphoria feels like.

“Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”

So often I resorted to comparing Gender Dysphoria to depression. When in all actuality, that’s like comparing apples and oranges. Using a modern solution like emoji’s makes sense!

Using the Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale

Consider for a moment how difficult it seems to tell someone about your feelings. Admittedly, that feat in and of itself presents challenges. Now, try and imagine telling someone who cannot relate to you in any way, your most intimate and deepest feelings. Uncomfortable? That’s how everyone with Gender Dysphoria feels trying desperately to describe their issues to anyone else. For that, the Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale makes life so much easier.

All I have to do is send my Closest friend a single emoji or number and she knows I’m struggling.



That sucks, how can I help?

Some… [story time]


[supportive comments]

Identifying Your Triggers With The Gender Dysphoria Pain Scale

While everybody struggles with different aspects of knowing their triggers, this scale can help. In the moment, I often cannot tell at what point I slip from 2 to 3, 3 to 4, or 4 to 5. Somehow those subtle triggers elude me until I’ve already sunk down the slippery slope. However, by stopping to think, and allowing my brain to process the impulses I feel, I can see when it begins to escalate.

Confronting Uncomfortable Truths

Despite past experiences, I still struggle to talk to people about my own triggers. Let’s be real, even once you discover your own limits, talking about them to people can trigger them. Allow yourself the grace to write them down in your own time, and share them only as you feel comfortable. You may even feel ashamed of some of them; pay attention to your Dysphoria level as you consider them.

I’m hoping that as I keep learning and growing, I am able to unpack them with Crystal too.

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