Proper Bra Care For Dummies

Cree gently wrapped the bra around his breasts and snapped the catch shut. Suddenly, a sharp stabbing pain pricked a point on the inside of his left breast.

“What now?!” Cree muttered to himself as he ripped the bra off his chest. When he saw the inch of white underwire protruding from the silky material, he felt a strange sense of betrayal.

This particular bra came from his very first encounter with Victoria’s Secret in April 2018. The t-shirt bra featured a racer back, front clasp, and memory foam cups. It also should have lasted longer than eight months.

“Crystal!” Cree called down to his amazing wife.

She quickly gave him a short class on how to actually take care of a bra. Then, together they figured out what they needed to do to prevent this from happening again.

Lessons Learned

The fit of your Victoria’s Secret bras, not their age, should determine whether or not they stay in your drawer.

Victoria’s Secret

Things Done Well

  • Getting my bra fitted correctly
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to wash bras

Things To Fix

  • Never put a bra though the dryer
  • Rest my bra a full day after wearing
  • Use a lingerie bag to wash my bras

Count Your Blessings

  1. Learning my lessons the first time with only a minor injury
  2. A wonderful wife who takes the time to help me understand how to be better
  3. Access to Victoria’s Secret and their wonderful staff

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