A New Beginning

As the sun rise broke over the Virginia horizon, Cree couldn’t see it. He missed most dawns breaking in the Winter, since his workday actually began before the sun came up. The last half of 2019, he’d missed most of the sun sets as well.

Working a government job required that he stay in a windowless room for most of the day. The latest media nonsense was slowly dying down, as President Trump’s reaction to Iran settled down. For a while, the news would continue reporting that World War III was imminent. Then, when that got boring, the media would look for some other way to brighten their mundane existence.

None of this actually mattered to Cree though. More than two years ago, he’d begun treatment for Gender Dysphoria. Last September, the nurse case manager had completely closed out his care plan and declared him a healthy, well adjusted patient…

“Yeah, about that,” Cree thought to himself. The treatment had lessened the bite of Dysphoria in his daily life, but had hardly scratched the surface of the reason why it existed in the first place.

Honest Self Assessment

Over the course of December, Cree had taken the time to read a few good books. Besides Look Alive Twenty-Five, he’d also read a book by Dr. Jordan B Peterson entitled 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos. As he read, the rules made a lot of sense, and Cree soon found himself analyzing his life with a lot of harsh honesty.

With the rules in mind, Cree began developing a plan, a way to harness the chaos in his own life. He wanted to start living a purposeful life. That meant something different to him though, so Cree began planning and writing.

13 Cycles

The concept had occurred to Cree some time between P90X and training for special operations. Breaking down goals into three week intervals with a palpable reward at the end made it a lot easier to keep going in physical fitness, college classes, and most other personal goals. In his book, Dr. Peterson also discussed micro goals along the way with small rewards there too. With all of that in mind, Cree designed his goals to match the entire 52 weeks of 2020.

Finding Purpose

During this first cycle, Cree decided he was going to analyze what he’s good at, what he loves doing, what the world needs, and what he could make money doing. Once he figured that out, Cree would identify what ties them all together, hopefully, identifying his purpose in the process.

Stand Up Straight, Shoulders Back

While working this out, Cree decided to try implementing the twelve rules in his own life. So, for the first cycle, he’d focus on standing up straight, with his shoulders back.

Your Life

Feel free to follow along if you want to see how things work out. If you decide to do something similar, let me know how that works out for you too.

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