Wellness Wednesday

Dancing Through Life

Contemplating the long list of goals and plans he made last year, Cree thought about his goals. Everyone always made some sort of resolution about getting in shape, losing weight, or exercising. “Why?” Cree said […]

Motivation Monday

A New Beginning

As the sun rise broke over the Virginia horizon, Cree couldn’t see it. He missed most dawns breaking in the Winter, since his workday actually began before the sun came up. The last half of […]


Mutual Acquaintance

“Excuse me Staff Sergeant, can I ask you a question?” Cree paused and quickly assessed the tiny sergeant standing in front of him. The young Marine looked harmless enough, perhaps even a little terrified. Then, […]


Under The Knife

Cree glanced nervously at his watch, realizing that he’d arrived fifteen minutes early. “Typical,” he thought to himself as he opened the door to Carolina East Diagnostic Center. “Good morning ma’am, how can I help […]


Turning Point

Cree sat nervously in the internal medicine waiting area. After six months of intense psychological scrutiny, his case manager finally referred him to internal medicine. It felt a little odd, since Cree believed that endocrinology […]


The Announcement

Cree clicked on defense.gov and began browsing the headlines. One caught his eye that he couldn’t start reading fast enough. “Remarks on Ending the Ban on Transgender Service in the U.S. Military,” Cree read out […]